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Replacement Bulbs and Lamps

For Ocean Optics Light Sources

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Replacement Bulbs and Lamps Replacement Bulbs and Lamps

Xenon bulbs have a long lifetime and rarely need to be replaced. However, other bulbs like deuterium and tungsten halogen will need to be replaced more frequently. No matter what Ocean Optics light source you use, we have the replacement bulbs and lamps to meet your needs.

Most of the light sources provide fast and easy access for lamp replacement in the field, but there are exceptions that will require factory replacement. Most lamps and bulbs are shipped pre-aligned and ready for installation.

Please follow lamp replacement instructions carefully and contact Ocean Optics for technical support.

Bulb Bulb Type Compatible Light Source Model(s)
DH-2000-BD Deuterium D-2000, D-2000-S, DH-2000, DH-2000-S, DH-2000-FHS, DH-2000-BAL
DH-2000-DUV-B Deuterium D-2000-DUV, D-2000-S-DUV, DH-2000-DUV, DH-2000-S-DUV, DH-2000-FHS-DUV, DH-2000-BAL
DH-2000-BH Tungsten Halogen All DH-2000 models
DH-MINI-B Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen DH-MINI
DT-MINI-B Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen DT-MINI-GS
PX-2-B Pulsed xenon; requires factory replacement PX-2
ECOVIS-B Krypton ecoVis
HL-2000-B Tungsten Halogen (1,500-hour, 2,960 K) HL-2000, HL-2000-FHSA
HL-2000-B-LL Tungsten Halogen (10,000-hour, 2,800 K) HL-2000-LL, HL-2000-FHSA-LL
HL-2000-HP-B Tungsten Halogen HL-2000-HP, HL-2000-HP-FHSA, HL-2000-HP-232
HPX-2000-BM Xenon HPX-2000
HPX-2000-HP-DUV-BM Xenon HPX-2000-HP-DUV
VIVO-B Tungsten Halogen Vivo
LED-380 LED, 380 nm LS-450 series, MCLS
LED-395 LED, 395 nm LS-450 series, MCLS
LED-470 LED, 470 nm LS-450 series, MCLS
LED-518 LED, 518 nm LS-450 series, MCLS
LED-590 LED, 590 nm LS-450 series, MCLS
LED-640 LED, 640 nm LS-450 series, MCLS
LED-WHITE LED, broadband white LS-450 series, MCLS
LED-KIT LED, Kit of 380, 430, 518, 590, & 640 nm LS-450 series, MCLS
Replacement Bulbs for Legacy Light Sources
LS-1-B Tungsten Halogen (900-hour, 3,100 K) LS-1
LS-1-LL-B Tungsten Halogen (10,000-hour, 2,800 K) LS-1, LS-1-LL