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아래 차트는 Ocean Optics(Ocean Insight) 모듈식 분광기 및 분광 센서 제품에 대한 대략적인 개요를 제공합니다.

먼저 차트를 통해  Ocean Optics(Ocean Insight) 제품의 Wavelength Range, Resolution, 어플리케이션 용도 등을 보시고 관심가는 제품이나 궁금한 점이 생기면 페이지 하단의 전화 번호나 메일로 문의 바랍니다! 언제든 성심껏 답변하겠습니다.

아래의 표는 클릭하면 더 크고 자세하게 보실 수 있습니다.








Model/Family Wavelength Range Key Features Applications
Ocean ST 185-1085 nm Smallest of our spectrometers General absorbance measurements
High intensity laser characterization
Attractive for integration and scalability Color measurements
OEM integration
Ocean SR2 182-1313 nm High-speed spectral acquisition High light level measurements including LED/laser characterization

Remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)


Applications requiring balanced, broadband spectral response
Low stray light
Ocean SR4 190-1270 nm High resolution (FWHM) performance Identification of atomic emission lines
Robust electronics platform Plasma monitoring
Low stray light
Ocean SR6 190-1100 nm High sensitivity UV absorbance of proteins and biomolecules
Great UV response UV plasma monitoring
Excellent thermal stability Fluorescence of chemical samples




High Resolution / High Sensitivity Spectrometers (고해상도 / 고감도 분광기)


Model/Family Wavelength Range Key Features Applications 
Ocean HR2 190-1150 nm Rapid acquisition speed and high resolution (FWHM) Identification of atomic emission lines
High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance Absorbance of pharma formulations
Ocean HR4 190-1100 nm Highest optical resolution (FWHM) Optical emission spectroscopy applications including plasma monitoring
Robust electronics platform Laser characterization




High Performance (고성능)


Model/Family Wavelength Range Key Features Applications 
Ocean HDX 200-1100 nm

High throughput

Fat content in edible oils
Excellent peak symmetry  
Onboard spectral storage and processing Hydrocarbon monitoring

Available in preconfigured model for Raman

(785 nm Raman excitation)

Pharma ingredient analysis
QE-Pro 200-1100 nm High sensitivity Fluorescence of proteins, dyes, biological samples
Low stray light Blood and tissue analysis
Onboard spectral storage and processing Specular and diffuse reflectance of materials

Available in preconfigured models for Raman

(532 nm, 638 nm and 785 nm Raman excitation)

NIRQuest+ 900-2500 nm NIR response from 900-2500 nm Moisture detection in fruits and grains

High sensitivity for lower limits of detection

Chemical composition and concentration
Thermoelectric cooling to -20 °C for low dark current Plastics identification for recycling


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